“The problem with the other benchmarking platforms is that you have no idea if the comparative benchmarks are accurate; and even if you believe the information is accurate, you have no way to gain insight for how your plant might improve. This Performance Improvement initiative is the first one we have seen where we can get actionable results.”

Rick Brehm
CEO - Lincolnway Energy


“We try a lot of different things to improve our plant at Lincolnway Energy. It is helpful for me to hear what other plants are doing to try to get better yields, more corn oil or better energy efficiency and discuss what is working and what is not.”

David Sommerlot
Plant Manager - Lincolnway Energy



“This ethanol benchmarking initiative allows East Kansas Agri-Energy to network with other industry leaders to share and expand best practices in plant operations.”

Jeff Oestmann
President & CEO - East Kansas Agri-Energy


“I gain a lot of insight by seeing where we are doing well and where we have an opportunity to improve, but the real value is being able to have a discussion with the other plant managers to understand how they are getting better results and see if I can apply that to my plant.”

Doug Sommer
Plant Manager - East Kansas Agri-Energy



“The interaction with other plants is the key component. The numbers help verify the items where we do well and also show us where we need to improve. Once we see the areas we need to improve, we can do more research on the details to understand how we should improve.”

Delayne Johnson

General Manager - Quad County Corn Processors


“Our plant is older than some of the other plants in the Performance Improvement Group. It is very valuable for our plant to see which improvements will bring the most value for our dollars invested and have the best chance of working in our plant as we focus on staying competitive.”

Charlie Voss
Plant Manager - Quad County Corn Processors



“The Ethanol Performance Improvement initiative played a material role in helping Western Wisconsin Energy make capital investment decisions that produced bottom-line results.”

Steve Christensen
General Manager - Western Wisconsin Energy


“Most of the easy performance improvement opportunities are done at Western Wisconsin. The value of the benchmarking group to me is helping provide insight where I might find the next places where I can lower costs, increase efficiency or make money where we didn’t before.”

Brian Kieffer
Plant Manager - Western Wisconsin Energy