Because you have worked hard to create value in your business, make sure that value is recognized in a sale or divestiture. Ascendant puts you in a position to maximize results with knowledge of the industry, a trusted network of qualified buyers and an understanding of what drives value for you and for the prospective buyers.


We adhere to a disciplined and proven process designed to obtain the best value while minimizing risk. Key steps in the process include:


Planning and Preparation

  • Determine business value and key drivers
  • Prepare site and facilities
  • Prepare due diligence materials
  • Prepare supporting marketing and investment materials
  • Work with legal counsel to protect your interest
  • Prepare go-to-market plan


Solicit Offers and Select the Right Deal

  • Solicit offers in comparable format
  • Work with seller to evaluate, clarify and prioritize offers and terms
  • Negotiate Letter of Intent that ensures efficient closing process


Closing the Deal

  • Work with buyer to facilitate final confirmatory due diligence
  • Work with legal counsel to negotiate definitive sale documentation
  • Coordinate closing on defined terms and schedule