Acquisitions are risky, and the fact is that most fail to achieve initial expectations. Working with an experienced advisor with your best interest in mind can make the difference between success and failure. With client objectives foremost in mind, Ascendant adheres to a disciplined process designed to identify the best opportunities and ensure the right fit and value. Key steps in the process include:


Planning and Preparation

  • Ensure clear strategic intent and valuation methodologies and constraints
  • Define target criteria
  • Define deal structure and timeframe
  • Prepare deal team
  • Conduct market research and prepare high potential targets
  • Develop model for opportunity valuation – pre and post acquisition
  • Develop market plan with defined value propositions for targets


Solicit Offers and Select the Right Deal

  • Screen and qualify targets
  • Prepare due diligence requirements and legal documents
  • Contact targets to solicit interest
  • Formulate negotiation strategy
  • Facilitate relationship between buyer and target
  • Conduct initial due diligence to further qualify and value opportunities
  • Conduct financial and strategic evaluation
  • Facilitate evaluation and selection (Go/No Go) and negotiate Letter of Intent


Closing the Deal

  • Coordinate final confirmatory due diligence
  • Work with legal counsel to negotiate definitive purchase documentation
  • Coordinate closing on defined terms and schedule


Post-Closing Follow-Through

  • Work to assist with post-closing communication and integration plans