Business owners often want to realize some liquidity without selling 100% of their company. We can provide advice on liquidity options and bring in the capital to maximize value to the owner/sellers. These options include:

  • Sell to key management/employees (management buyout)
  • Set up an ESOP and sell to all employees
  • Sell part of the company to a financial buyer (recapitalization) and have an opportunity to sell remaining shares for a higher profit in the future - financial buyers may invest as a minority or majority partner and bring cash to provide liquidity to the owners as well as to grow the business; the right financial partner brings more than cash to the company
  • Sell part of the company to a strategic buyer - strategic buyers typically want to own a majority interest and keep the owners either through a transition or longer term; buy-out of owner in the future can be pre-defined
  • Sell 100% of the company to an outside third party